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Billing process rigor means you can count on consistent revenue recovery. We inform you of best practices to keep you ahead of your reimbursement potential.
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We pursue every appeal, track reimbursement and regulatory changes, and keep working until you recover every dollar receivable.
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Billing is our specialty. We have a track record of savings yielded by outsourcing your billing department. Here's where you'll save.
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We won't charge you for an objective evaluation of your billing practices

Accelerated Medical member of the TriZetto 99% Club for medical billing

Your One-Stop Billing Resource

We're a full service, HIPAA Compliant medical billing company with offices in Plainfield and Joliet, IL.   We specialize in chiropractic billing, and have been serving a growing family of practice owners for 14 years.

For chiropractors in Plainfield and Joliet looking for growth, we combine the cost savings of outsourcing with the convenience and confidence of having your billing department nearby.  We're an extension of your team!

Demonstrating outstanding performance quarter over quarter in claims submission. We've been inducted into the Trizetto 99% Club for consistently submitting error-free claims. That means we deliver faster access to your revenue, better realization of every potential dollar earned, decreased overhead, and increased patient satisfaction by reducing questions and complaints.

Striving toward your success by ensuring you receive all payments due in a timely manner

We deliver medical billing services to your office while you focus on patient care. Our office mainly focuses on Chiropractic billing, but we do also have experience in Behavioral Health, Podiatry and Physiatry. We have experience in Blue Cross/Blue Shield and all Private Insurance companies along with Personal Injury and Work Compensation cases.

Our Services

CAQH and Credentialing Maintenance

Is managing your own CAQH Credentialing really the best use of your time as a busy practitioner?  Accelerated Medical Solutions will perform initial set up and regular updating for you, accurately and punctually.... Read More

Pre-Certification and Benefits Verification

Pre-Certification Before Services to Ensure Full Payment Precertification and pre-authorization are tedious and time-consuming, but essential to reaping full payment for health services provided. Neglecting rigor around these processes and the details required... Read More

Personal Injury Liens

Specialization in Processing Personal Injury Liens   We process liens for clients providing services for personal injury cases. We’re always willing to provide advice based on our experience with many cases. We send... Read More

Regular Reporting

Our office will supply you the monthly accounting report, this will show you the daily deposit or EOB that was registered by our office for the month. Read More

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