• Is Outsourcing right for you? Call Accelerated and learn more.We eliminate the cost of employee expenses (salaries, insurance, training of staff, etc).
  • Expenses of new computer systems, and annual software upgrades can be a large expense in an office.
  • We save you the time and expense of claim submission or paper claims.
  • We pay postage on mailed claims and patient statements.
  • Accounts receivable is reduced. These reports are worked on a monthly basis, to avoid any timely filing occurrences.
  • We answer all patient questions related to billing, which will eliminate the amount of calls into your office.
  • Data entry/posting payments is assigned to a dedicated staff member to ensure the efficiency of work.

Eliminating some of these items above gives you, as a provider, more time to make your office grow. Don’t hesitate to contact our office with any additional questions.

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