ABS helps you get pre-authorization and pre-certification before you deliver services
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Pre-Certification and Benefits Verification

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Pre-Certification Before Services to Ensure Full Payment

Precertification and pre-authorization are tedious and time-consuming, but essential to reaping full payment for health services provided. Neglecting rigor around these processes and the details required to get proper precertification right the first time can be costly to your potential receivables, and ultimately undermine billing efficiency.

At Accelerated Medical Solutions, our billers have the experience necessary to acquire the right information up front. We follow-through calls effectively to ensure proper payment, and caution you ahead of service delivery of denials and rejections. Our work runs in the background while you focus on patient care. As an extension of your clinical team, we establish effective processes tailored to your office environment. With a close eye on your billing practices, we help resolve re-authorization issues that may be hindering revenue cycle management across multiple cases. We’ll also support you with answers to your most common patent questions.

Pre-certification and authorization is most effectively accomplished by the same agency that’s managing your credentialing and billing . However, if this is your most immediate need, it’s a great place to begin a discussion at Accelerated. Call today to get a quote for billing for your office, including pre-certification and pre-authorization – 815-823-7715.

Accelerated Medical Solutions will call to initiate any pre-certifications that are required for patients to begin care, saving you time and your patients’ hassle.

Benefits Verification

We can verify benefits for your patients before you extend resources to treat them.

We confirm patient benefits within 24 hours of receipt.