CAQH and Credentialing Maintenance

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Is managing your own CAQH Credentialing really the best use of your time as a busy practitioner?  Accelerated Medical Solutions will perform initial set up and regular updating for you, accurately and punctually. Inaccurate data in your CAQH could ultimately compromise receipts. Call for a quote today- 815-703-4912. We’ll maintain … Read More

Pre-Certification and Benefits Verification

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Pre-Certification Before Services to Ensure Full Payment Precertification and pre-authorization are tedious and time-consuming, but essential to reaping full payment for health services provided. Neglecting rigor around these processes and the details required to get proper precertification right the first time can be costly to your potential receivables, and ultimately … Read More

Billing Submissions

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Our billing center will submit clients’ billing to all insurance companies. Once daily billing is to faxed to our office, these charges will be submitted to the insurance company promptly. If this day occurs on or during a federal holiday, submission is extended for the duration of that holiday. See ‘Accelerated … Read More

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